The Team:  Bringing executive experience from EnerG2, our Leadership knows the technology, and knows how to make innovation a commercially practical enterprise

Eric (Rick) Luebbe

Rick is the CEO and Co-Founder of Group14 Technologies.  Group14 Technologies, a spinout of EnerG2, is focused on materials for Li-ion batteries.  

Before founding the company, Rick co-founded and led EnerG2 as CEO from 2003 through all its stages of growth until its acquisition by BASF in 2016.  Rick held the position of Co-CEO at EnerG2 – a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF - from 2016 to 2018. 

Beginning his career as an Army aviation officer, Rick led an aeroscout platoon in Desert Storm, where he was awarded the Bronze Star and two Air Medals in recognition for performance in combat operations against the Iraqi Republican Guard. Rick later flew Apaches as commander of an Attack Helicopter Company.  

Rick has a long history of start-up experience.  In addition to co-founding EnerG2 and Group14 Technologies, Rick was the co-founder and CEO of Hubspan, one of the most successful integrators of web-based business-to-business transactions. At Hubspan, he raised the company’s first two rounds of funding and developed and closed its flagship customer.  Rick also brings experience as management consultant with Booz Allen, where he specialized in operations, manufacturing efficiency, and developing and implementing lean manufacturing.

Rick earned a BA in Biology from Cornell University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Henry "Rick" Costantino

Rick Costantino is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Group14 Technologies.  Previously, Rick held the VP of Research and Development role at EnerG2 where he oversaw R&D activities and substantial intellectual property pursuits.

Rick has over 20 years experience in developing stable, high-performing products that are rationally designed at the molecular level.  His broad experience spans across chemical and biopharmaceutical industries, including both large and startup companies.  Previously in the pharmaceutical arena, Rick ‘s inventions and development efforts have resulted in multiple marketed therapeutic products. To his name, Rick has 34 U.S. patents, plus over 50 publications, including peer-reviewed manuscripts, book chapters and scientific reviews.  In addition, he has co-edited a seminal book regarding lyophilization. 

Earlier in his career, Rick served as Chief Scientist of Delivery for a Puget Sound area biotech company, with management of multiple divisions totaling nearly 50 people. 

Rick has a B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from M.I.T.