An Elemental Approach to Better Batteries:

Carbon :  Carbon works.  Virtually all Li-ion batteries use carbon, usually as graphite, and occasionally as an amorphous hard carbon.  Carbon holds lithium, is inexpensive, and cycles fairly well. 

Group14's is a carbon-based technology.  Developed from advanced carbon engineering capabilities at EnerG2, Group14 applies complex polymer chemistries to achieve the very highest performing carbon anode materials.

Silicon:  The future is silicon.  Anodes must improve and silicon has the most potential.  Nano-scale silicon provides the best combination of capacity and power, but still not sufficient cycle life and nano-scale production approaches remain expensive.  

Group14 has applied deep materials research experience to develop a new, low-cost approach to nano-scale silicon production.  This nano-scale silicon has high purity, high capacity, good power, and good cycle life.

Silicon-Carbon Composite:  Carbon helps silicon work better.  Traditional carbon coatings on silicon are proven to help and are considered essential for any commercial silicon product today.  Insulating the silicon from the electrolyte is necessary for good cycle life performance.

Group14 uses its unique high performance carbon engineering abilities to create cohesive silicon-carbon nanocomposites that dramatically outperform traditional carbon coated silicons.  Our carbon makes any silicon work much better and when combined with our novel, low-cost nano-silicon, Group14 delivers a value proposition better than graphite.